the usage of welcome as opposed to welcomed.


which sentence is correct in the use of welcome or welcomed?

Thank you john and you are most welcomed. OR..... Thank you John and you are most welcome.

See example:

You are most welcomed.
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In this context, 'welcome' is an adjective. It can also be used as a noun, verb, or an exclamation. The only time it would have the '-ed' ending is when it is a verb.


 You are most welcome.



We received a warm welcome.



We welcomed the guests into the house.



Welcome! Please come in.

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 "You are welcomed" is correct because this is how the PASSIVE voice is used in the English Language.

Examples of ACTIVE VOICE:
This bores you. (or: I bore you.)
I accept you.
I love you.
I trust you.
I excite you.
I welcome you.

You are bored. (not "You are bore")
You are accepted. (not "You are accept")
You are loved. (not "You are love")
You are trusted. (not "You are trust")
You are excited. (not "You are excite")
You are welcomed. (not "You are welcome")

Always remember the distinction between ACTIVE VOICE and PASSIVE VOICE: I welcome you, and you are welcomed (by me)

The words: bored, accepted, trusted, loved, welcomed are also examples of participial adjectives and their roles as adjectives can also be understood in the following examples.

Used as an adjective, we would have:
The bored guest.
The accepted guest
The loved guest (or the beloved guest)
The excited guest
The welcomed guest.

Unfortunately we hear it so often wrongly expressed as "You are welcome ..." that we have grown used to the error and now find it universally accepted, even though it is an incorrect usage of the Passive Voice. (and by the way, the -d ending in these cases are not an expression of past tense at all.)

You may wish to explore more about "the passive voice" in English


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Thank you. Somebody at the best essay writing company asked about the use of welcome and welcomed. After sharing something together and somebody says "Thank you", do you say "You are welcome" or "You are welcomed"? 

According to me, we should answer "You are welcomed". 

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