My colleague and I are having an argument about use of a comma in a piece of copy: "Bring your games console to life online." I think that it should read "Bring your games console to life, online." as without the comma it sounds like you are taking your console into online life rather than bringing it to life by taking it online.

asked Apr 17 '13 at 09:54 JamesPage New member

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I agree that it can sound that way, James. When a sentence is a command, there are often parts that are implied, such as the subject. This can make it hard to punctuate, so let's put the sentence back together.


(You can) bring your game console to life (by using it) online.


The comma is not needed. That said, if this is ad copy, you can take poetic license with style and do whatever you please to create the right feeling. If the message seems confusing, then perhaps find a different way to say it.


By the way, it should be a game console, not games.

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