Sentence structure after conjunction 'but'


"We shifted to regular items of which savings were higher but comfortability lower."


Is the usage "comfortability lower" correct, or should it be 'comfortability was lower'?

But Sentence Structure be asked Apr 17 '13 at 06:52 Marie New member

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A comma should go before "but" if it is the beginning of an independent clause. In your example, it is not. However, your sentence makes no sense. One thing can't be both higher and lower than another thing. I assume you mean it is higher than some items and lower than others, but that is not what you wrote.

link answered Apr 17 '13 at 12:08 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

Thank you for your reply. The sentence meant to say a higher quality product was used before. However, due to some cost-cutting measures, a lower quality product must be used. Therefore, the savings is higher, but the comfortability is lower.

MarieApr 24 '13 at 01:18

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