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I need to reword this sentence so Grammarly accepts it.....Altered it a few times but i cant seem to get it right


See example:

He had no choice, but run and ultimately discover the reason for her death to be more shocking than he could possibly imagine.
asked Apr 16 '13 at 11:59 David Dragonetti New member

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There should be no comma before but because it does not start an independent clause.  The sentence should begin, "He had no choice but to run."  After that, you have more problems.  Did he also have no choice but to discover?  That is what your sentence says.  There are at least five changes I would make in this one sentence to correct it. 


I know that you have written a lengthy novel, but each sentence you have posted so far (including the questions) have multiple errors.  I have to honestly say that I am not inclined to help you edit your work sentence by sentence.  You need a stronger grasp on sentence structure, punctuation, and other basic grammar rules.  This forum is a public forum for discussion about grammar.  It is not an writing or editing service. 

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