hair loss


what is the medical term for hair loss I am not sure of the spelling but i think itis something like alapechhia

See example:

Sagging facial muscles graying hair alapechia kyphosis and a world of other things causes the body to change in appearance, not for the better.
asked Apr 07 '13 at 02:18 Shine New member

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'Alopecia' is the word you want. You need to separate the items in you list with commas and change 'causes' to 'cause', the plural form of the verb. I would reword the last part of the sentence.


Sagging facial muscles, graying hair, alopecia, kyphosis, and a world of other things cause detrimental changes in appearance.

link comment answered Apr 07 '13 at 15:35 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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