The pictures came out nice / nicely.


1) The pictures came out nice. 2) The pictures came out nicely.


I think I have to say, "There is a meaning difference between them", but some teachers say there is no meaning difference although "nice" describes "The pictures" as an adjective and "nicely" describes "came out" as an adverb.


What do you experts think?

asked Apr 07 '13 at 00:42 Hans Contributor

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Sorry, but I have to disagree with Lewis 100% on this one.  The phrasal verb come out (in the sense of "become," "end up" or "turn out") is a non-action linking verb and as such must be modified by an adjective (nice), not an adverb (nicely).  The pictures came out nice is correct.  Now, there is another meaning for come out as an action verb--to move outside, in which case the adverb nicely would be required.   But that is not at all the meaning described here.

link comment answered Apr 07 '13 at 01:24 Shawn Mooney Expert

The overall meaning is the same, someone took some pictures that look good. The analysis that nice modifies pictures and nicely modifies came out is correct. I would use nicely over nice; nice just doesn't sound right to me in that position in the sentence.

link comment edited Apr 07 '13 at 00:56 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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