I failed to see what is not clear in this sentence, can somebody help me?


from random to aggregrate

See example:

The distribution patterns were determined as aggregate for M. paranaguensis and varying from random to aggregate for A. fulica, but as abundance increased, both species showed a tendency to aggregate.

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The meaning is clear, but only after a couple of readings. This may be due to my unfamiliarity to the subject matter. I would think about breaking this into two sentences, and rewriting the first in active voice. Since the M. paranaguensis were aggregate in lower concentrations, the statement that they aggregated in higher concentrations doesn't seem to fit. You may want to include only the A. fulica in this conclusion.


The [experiment, study, whatever was the determinate] showed that the distribution patterns for M. paranaguensis to be aggregate and A. fulica to vary from random to aggregate.  However, as abundance increased, A. fulica showed a higher tendency to aggregate.


I hope I haven't changed your meaning any.

link comment answered Apr 05 '13 at 15:34 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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