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What is the meaning of "the old ball and  chain"? How do I  use it in a sentence?

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Literally, a ball and chain is an old device used to keep prisoners from running away. A large, heavy iron ball would be chained to a leg which would limit the speed at which they could run.

'The old ball and chain' is used, usually tongue in cheek, as a description of a person's wife. "The old ball and chain won't let me go out and party with my friends."

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But Sanjay! Do not use this term to refer to your new bride. If you do, your long, happy life together might become your short, sad life while she enjoys many happy years as a widow.

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Excellent advice! Go with 'my better half.'

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John Mortimer's character Rumpole used to refer to his wife as SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed).

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