"You have a good body"


Do you think "You are in good shape" also mean the same as "You have a good body"? Or does "You have a good body" sound vulgar? And then, when can I use the expression "You have a good body"?


I just want to be careful in using such expressions. And I have one more question.


1) 'You have a nice shape'

2) 'You have nice shape'


Do we need "a" or is it optional? I think the second is more common. And one of the two expressions means the same as "You have a good body?


What do you experts think? Thank you so much as usual and take good care.

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You are in good shape is a neutral compliment, but You have a good\nice body definitely sounds like a sexually flirtatious compliment.


Neither You have good shape\a good shape is correct.


Other compliments that are usually neutral would be You have a good/great physique/figure.


I hope this helps.

link answered Mar 23 '13 at 09:11 Shawn Mooney Expert

Thank you so much and the meaning of 'Neither You have good shape\a good shape is correct.'is that both are NOT correct, right? And somone says 'be in good shape' means 'physically fit' or 'be healthy or well'. Do you agree with this? Thank you so much again.

HansMar 23 '13 at 10:30

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