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"Unexpectedly, the phone and cell phone stopped working."                 I know that stopped is the verb, but what is "working?"  Is it part of the verb, too?  Or a gerund/participle?Thanks.

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Such a disagreement is news to me. There is no question in my mind that "working" is a gerund. The verb "stop" can be followed by either an infinitive verb or a gerund, with completely different meanings. "Working" is certainly not a participle. A gerund is a verb that functions like a noun, in that it can be a subject or, as in the case of this sentence, an object. So the distinction between "verb" and "gerund" in the earlier response is unhelpful.

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Not that this website is an authority, but here's an example of someone talking about the disagreement (I swear I didn't make it up!):

"There is some difference of opinion over the exact meaning of the phrase 'compound verb.' Some authorities include structures such as 'He went missing' as an example of a compound verb. Others believe that 'missing' is better identified as a gerundive used as a noun. "

Actually HollyMar 18 '13 at 17:49

There is some abstruse linguistic theorizing about this which is utterly unhelpful and complex, but the simple test is whether you can modify the -ing word with an adverb; if you can, then it's either a gerund or present participle; if not, it's what's called either a verbal noun, a deverbal noun, a deverbal adjective, or a gerundive. Here, "working" can definitely be modified by an adverb so there is no question but that it's a gerund ("The cellphone stopped working well")

Shawn MooneyMar 19 '13 at 08:14

Linguistic theorizing is unhelpful and complex? No way! :)

Thanks for the extra info.

Actually HollyMar 19 '13 at 13:27

Admittedly I get off on wading into linguistic theory on occasion but I am sure you agree that it is rarely of any help with answering the kind of questions that are posed here.

Shawn MooneyMar 22 '13 at 22:40

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Not everyone agrees. Some people consider phrases like "stopped working" to be a compound verb, where both "stopped" and "working" are verbs. Others consider "stopped" to be the verb, where "working" is a gerund.

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