Could this be a slogan? is the grammar correct?


"live on the natural" we are doing timber floor business, and now would like to promote all our products, including laminate floor which looks as natural as real timber! So is "live on the natural" correctly desacribed? does it make sense? is grammar correct?? Please advise! Many thanks!

asked Mar 17 '13 at 22:25 timber New member

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Technically, it's not grammatically correct. 'On the natural' is part of a prepositional phrase, but there is no noun to be the object of the preposition. 'Natural' is an adjective in this usage. It can be a noun when describing a person, such as 'he's a natural at baseball'.

All that being said, a slogan is not necessarily restricted to correct grammar, and I've seen a lot worse.

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I like it! Like Lewis said, it's not grammatically correct -- but it's clever, since in a way, you "live on" your floors. And sometimes, grammatically incorrect slogans are more powerful, since their quirkiness makes them stick with you. (The Apple slogan, "Think different," comes to mind.)

link comment answered Mar 18 '13 at 15:31 Actually Holly Expert

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