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I am not sure if I have correctly put the punctuation in the following sentences: "Do you happen to have the contact information of Mr N, or if not, is there a way you could get that? If yes, could you please send me his contact info ASAP?". 

Also, is it correct to follow the sentence with an "or if not" with a "if yes"?

Many thanks! Astra

punctuation sentences or if asked Mar 15 '13 at 09:54 Astra New member

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You have three questions, so there should be three question marks. Since you first ask about the positive, you should switch the order of the 2nd & 3rd question.
Instead of "if yes," we say "if so."

Do you happen to have the contact information for Mr N? If so, could you please send it to me? If not, would you be able to get it?

link answered Mar 15 '13 at 16:23 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

Thank you, Patty! I will use this going forward!

AstraMar 17 '13 at 06:44

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