is this statement understandable ? how to write it otherwise


If The CEO didn’t realize that a different product would harm the environment, he would still launch it.

asked Mar 09 '13 at 18:16 wafa New member

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No, this sentence is not understandable.  It is impossible for me to try to guess what you mean, so please answer the following questions and maybe we can help you:


1. Did the CEO realize a different product would harm the environment, or not?

2.  You mention a different product, but what product is it being compared to?

3. What does it refer to in the phrase launch it?  Is it the 'different product' mentioned earlier in the sentence?

4.  What product did the CEO launch, the 'different' product or some other product?


Perhaps even if I understand the answers to these questions, I won't be able to help you.  But I definitely need a lot more information beforehand.  

link comment answered Mar 09 '13 at 23:59 Shawn Mooney Expert

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