"I will like to study English someday."


I have learned that 'would' is more polite than 'will'. For example, Would you help me tomorrow? Will you help me tomorrow? And then how about these sentences?


1) "I would like to study English someday."


2) "I will like to study English someday."


Does #1 sound more polite than #2 or the meaning of #1 is just different from that of #2 and 'would like to' just means 'want' in English?


I hope to hear from you again and have a good day.

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Would does sound more polite than will but that is only for requests.  Also, using will for requests can be confusing because questions with will can also be asking about someone's future plans, rather than making requests of them.



I would like to study English someday is a completely different kind of sentence.   It is grammatically incorrect to say I will like to study English someday.


As you indicated, would like to is the polite, formal phrase used instead of want to

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