When she went to the store; she wasn't sure, what they told her to get so she guessed and: then she didn't know how, she would get her items home!.

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I'll point out the errors in this sentence.

A comma, not a semicolon, is used after an introductory clause.  The comma after 'sure' should not be there. You need a comma after 'get' to separate the two independent clauses of the compound sentence.  I would end the sentence after 'guessed' and start a new one with 'then'.  'And' should not have a colon, but ending the sentence removes it. 'Then' should be separated with a comma.  There should be no comma after 'how'. You don't use two punctuation marks to end a sentence. Either one will work, but only one.


When she went to the store, she wasn't sure what they told her to get, so she guessed. Then, she didn't know how she would get her items home!


You really need to study punctuation thoroughly. Your grammar in this sentence was fine, but I have never seen this many punctuation errors in one sentence. Use the Grammarly Handbook or another guide to learn the proper uses of the different punctuation marks. Good luck with your studies.

link comment answered Mar 07 '13 at 15:28 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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