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"When an individual reaches, pushes, or pulls on(or from) a sitting position."


grammerly`s answer is that because individual reaches is plural subject, an indibvidual reaches was changed to individual reaches.


I think, subject is an individual, verbs are reaches, pushes, or pulls.

However, grammarly`s answer informs that  individual reaches is subject.


My question is which  "on a sitting position" or "from a sitting position" is correct.

In addition to that,  when using on or from, What different meaning between on and from

is there?

asked Mar 06 '13 at 00:24 lee New member

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Without the complete sentence, the context isn't easy to determine, but I think 'from' is the preposition you want.   You're correct about 'individual' being the subject and the three verbs. The software confused your meaning because it's, well, software and doesn't have true cognitive abilities. It thinks you're talking about 'reach' as a boxer's arm length would be termed.


In future questions, give us the entire sentence to work with so we'll have a better understanding of the context.

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