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I tried editing this sentence and it keeps on returning a red highlited box. I do not see how the suggestion is correct. Any other possible wordings to correct this problem?

See example:

I, along with my family, adapted to the Presbyterian Church's statement of faith.
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This appears to be problem with Grammarly's spell checker rather than your sentence. In this context, Church is properly capitalized. It is part of the church's proper name -- Presbyterian Church, or Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA).


There is, however, another problem with your sentence -- "adapted to."  This implies that you changed your behavior to adhere to the church's statement of faith. This is wrong on several levels.


First, the Presbyterian Church as a whole does not have a "statement of faith" -- it has a Book of Order (essentially the church's constitution) and a Book of Confessions (essentially a collection of writings that reflect the shared beliefs of the church community). A statement of faith is a personal statement written/spoken by each individual member that reflects that individual's own faith. The content of a statement of faith is not mandated by the church, and the Book of Order strictly limits how ruling and teaching elders can question the content of somebody's statement.


Because it reflects YOUR faith, "adapted to" is a poor word choice. I suspect what you mean is closer to "I, along with my family, offered our statements of faith and became members of the Presbyteria Church."


(I am a life-long Presbyterian, a ruling elder, and sit on the Presbytery of the Redwoods -- coastal Northern California between San Francisco and Oregon -- Mission Finance Committee.)

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I also saw a problem with the word "adapted" but wouldn't have been able to explain the reason as well as Jeff.  His answer needs to be tweaked just a bit, though, I believe.


I, along with my family, offered our statements of faith...


Since "along with my family" is surrounded by commas, the sentence should be able to stand without it.  "Our statements" should be changed to "my statement".  But that leaves us with an awkward sentence.  I would change it to:


My family and I offered our statements.

link comment answered Feb 28 '13 at 13:08 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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