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Can you change this paragraph into a parallel paragragh?


Our family tradition is every Friday because it’s a weekend; we visit our relative, close family members, which include the grandparents, the uncle and aunts. It gives us an opportunity to interact with the cousins. Sometimes times even we all decide a picnic point and have a get together, include fishing, boating etc. It all ends with dinner and a plan for next week.

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Ms. Patty is being hard on you because you are asking her to do your homework, without even making an attempt to solve it on your own.

sanjayFeb 16 '13 at 10:56

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Maria, asking the same question over and over won't get you an answer any faster.  In fact, I find it rather annoying.  This is a public forum. The people who participate here do so because we like to discuss grammar or help others learn.  There is no sense of urgency.  There is no guarantee that a question will receive an answer.  We don't get paid for our time. We show up whenever we each feel like doing so. 


The question that you posed should actually ask, "Can you rewrite this paragraph with a parallel structure?"  For many of us, the answer is yes.  But we aren't here to write for you.  That won't help you to write better. There are many examples of good writing that can be found in the internet, in the library, and in your textbooks.  There is no benefit to copying what someone else has written for you. It doesn't help you learn, and it is plagiarism. 


Instead, if you want to better understand how to write with a parallel structure, you'll probably get some good answers if you pose a question.  Here's a link to a website that offers some guidance.  A simple Google search will provide links to a number of similar web pages.

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