Which one is correct


The teacher told his student he would bring them to visit the zoo after the exam.


The teacher told his student he will bring them to visit the zoo after the exam.



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 'Will' carries a stronger meaning than 'would' and turns this into a promise. 'Would' implies some condition, and it sounds like the exam is a definate thing. You should change 'bring' to 'take', however. Simply put, 'take' means to move something from here to there. 'Bring' means to move something from there to here. He's going to take the students from here (the school) to there (the zoo).

Students should have an 's' on the end.


 The teacher told his students he will take them to visit the zoo after the exam.

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I pretty much agree with Lewis, but using will instead of would is only correct if the visit to the zoo is still in the future at the time the statement is made.  If the visit to the zoo has already occurred in the past, then would should be used.  This is one of the rules/conventions about tense change in indirect speech.

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Can you correct the grammer for this paragraph?


(this is not a school work, these are my own words)



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