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I cannot figure out how to blend these two sentences. I keep getting "comparing two or more things" when I run the check. I have changed them several times to no avail.

The Oh Lola ad has the model’s hair styled to look like a little girls with straight, blonde hair. Love’s Baby Soft has styled their model’s hair to make her look older with large curls and highlights.

See example:

Love's Baby Soft has styled their model's hair to make her look older with large curls and highlights.
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It is interesting to discover how one person can perceive something very differently than another person does.  I looked up both of these products so I could have a little more context.


“Oh, Lola” is the name of a perfume.  The name includes the comma.  The blonde model in the ads is Dakota Fanning, who I no longer a little girl.  In one ad, she is holding a large perfume bottle right at her crotch.  In another, she is holding a small bottle right beside her cleavage.  I don’t think having straight hair trumps the poses.  She looks quite grown up to me.


Love’s Baby Soft currently has a Facebook page.  All of the models in all of the pictures have long straight blonde hair.  The fragrance has a history, from the 1970’s, of advertisements that tried to make the models look very young and even baby-like. The tagline was “Because innocence is sexier than you think.”  (If a company tried something like that these days, they’d be accused of promoting child pornography.)  Even though the models had grown-up hair styles, everything else about the pictures (holding a teddy bear or a lollipop) makes the model look very young. 


I said all that, I guess, to explain why I can’t figure out how to help you put your sentences together.  My search for more context just made the sentences make less sense to me. 

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