Can you please fix my grammer in this paragraph.



Representatives from several community organizations attended the meeting, to express their support of the recreation center; construction of this center is long overdue. The members will have a central place, in which to meet instead of crowding into each other’s homes, said Milton Sayre chairman of the Berryton. Senior citizens league plans call for a ground breaking ceremony on Thursday May 16 at 2:30 followed by a reception in Adams Park. Construction is scheduled for next year, Mayor Booth supervisor John Leland and city council members will participate, and all residents are invited to join them at the ceremony.

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Most of your punctuation is wrong.  You have commas where they shouldn't be, a semi-colon that should be a period, and apparently you are quoting someone's spoken word without quotation marks.  I don't have the energy to go through all of the rules for all of the punctuation marks that should be in this paragraph.  I suggest reading through a textbook section on punctuation.  Here is Grammarly Handbook's section:

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