One activity that many people like to do in their leisure time is play games on the Internet.


In the sentence, there are two verbs--"is" and "play". Why?

asked Jan 31 '13 at 11:22 Tsunmei Tang New member

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You have asked a good question. I hope I can help you.


Your sentence has two clauses.  A clause is a string of words that contains a subject and a verb.  All sentences are clauses, but many sentences have more than one clause. Your sentence has two.


There is a defining relative clause in the middle of this sentence: that many people like to do in their leisure time.  The subject is many people and the verb phrase is like to do.


It is embedded (in the middle of) the other clause: One play games on the Internet.  The subject of the other clause is one activity and the verb is is.


So there is no problem at all with having two verbs in a sentence that contains two clauses; it is correct.


Removing the relative clause creates a problem with is play; it should be is to play or is playing.  However, with the inclusion of the defining relative clause, which contains its own infinitive verb to do, it is okay to omit the to from play


I hope this helps.

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You can make this much less wordy than it is, and also make the sentence active voice, by saying, "Many people like to play games on the Internet in their spare time."

TolleyJan 31 '13 at 15:25

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