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I am in Hawaii with mum and dad and brother. We're sitting on the chair near the beach. Water is good for swimming. Mum and Dad teach my brother swimming in the sea.

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This sounds like a postcard message.


If you, your Mum and Dad (these should be capitalized) and brother (my brother) are sitting on the chair, it must be a very big chair. I think you mean more than one chair.


To talk about the water off the beach where you were, use the definite article: The water


 The main verb in the last sentence should be in Present Continuous, are teaching, and after my brother it should be how to swim. I don't think you need to add in the sea, because once your brother learns how to swim, he can swim anywhere.


I am in Hawaii with Mum and Dad and my brother. We're sitting on chairs near the beach. The water is good for swimming. Mum and Dad are teaching my brother how to swim.

I hope this helps.

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