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"I can meet with you at noon" said peter?

-> what will be the answer if i change it from the quotation to indirect speech.

asked Jan 27 '13 at 03:20 laxmikantan nayak New member

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Sanjay's answer is not correct.  There are two mistakes: (1) Tell is always transitive, and (2) assuming that the person reporting Peter's speech is the same person Peter spoke to, which is highly logical, you in direct speech needs to be changed to me in indirect speech.


Peter told me (that) he could meet me at noon.  To avoid the need for two mes in the same sentence, I suggest changing tell to sayPeter said (that) he could meet me at noon.


One other point about reporting times:  if the noon meeting time referred to in the direct speech is still in the future at the time it was reported, and later on the same day it was being reported, at noon is fine for the reported speech.  However, if the meeting time has already passed by the time it is reported, it would have to be at noon that day or at noon yesterday or some other more definite time frame.

link comment answered Jan 27 '13 at 09:52 Shawn Mooney Expert

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