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Q.That tall man is carring a lot of lumber.

which of the following is a correct rewritten sentence?



a.The tall man carries a lot of lumber.

b.The lumber is carried by the tall man.

c.A lot of lumber is being carried by that tall man.

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Sentence C, A lot of lumber is being carried by that tall man is the only one that has the same meaning as That tall man is carrying a lot of lumber.  Both sentences describe what that man is doing now.  Of course, being changed from active to passive, Sentence C focuses more on what is happening now to the lumber, rather than what the man is doing.  But the meaning of the two sentences is basically the same, certainly compared to the other two choices in your multiple choice question.


Sentence A, in the simple present tense, describes what the man does routinely, not what he is doing now.  Sentence B, in the simple passive present tense, also describes what happens to the lumber routinely, not now.



I hope this helps.   

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3)Provide handling training to driver by our mechanic.

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