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At our school, we pick one game a week to heavily promote and call it the Game of the Week. If we were talking about all the selected games throughout the semester, what would it be called? How do we pluralize Game of the Week?


We though Games of the Week means multiple games per week. While Game of the Weeks means one game per multiple weeks. So we landed on Games of the Weeks. Is that correct? What's the proper way to do this?

plural Word Phrase asked Jan 26 '13 at 07:29 Josh New member

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I am quite, quite sure it should be The Games of the Week.   Time magazine's annual Man of the Year is pluralized to Men of the Year and it is the identical context: only one man is chosen per year but when referred to collectively, man is pluralized but year is not.  It is the only comparable example I can think of.

link comment answered Jan 26 '13 at 09:55 Shawn Mooney Expert

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