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How do you say a little nice house correctly?

See example:

Once upon a time a little girl collected her first bunch of flowers on the countryside next to their smiley woodencottage.
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 Maybe this is right: woodencottage

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No, wooden and cottage are two separate words.

Patty TJan 21 '13 at 20:50

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Once upon a time, a little girl picked her first bunch of flowers near a happy little cottage in the country.  


We usually say that someone picked flowers rather than collected them.


"Once upon a time" is assumed to be the beginning of a story.  That being true, then "their" has no place in this sentence.  We need to first understand who "they" are before we can refer to "their cottage." 


A "little nice house" would usually be worded as a "nice little house."  Since you used the words "smiley" and "cottage" in your sentence, I changed it to "happy little cottage."  I don't see the need to mention that the cottage is made of wood. 

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