will be used/ will used are always confused for me !!


Can you explain the differences of it?

It will be very helpful to do my works.

Thanks !!

See example:

In secondary research, it will be used which including books, journals, and articles.
asked Jan 19 '13 at 17:21 Jane New member

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'Will be used' is the future tense in passive voice.

'Will use' is the future tense in active voice.


Your sentence uses the future passive, but it should have 'which includes' rather than 'which including'. I would move this to right after 'research', because that is what it modifies. I have changed the position of the introductory clause and put it after the verb.


It will be used during secondary research, which includes books, journals, and articles.


The clause beginning with 'which' is set off with a comma because it is a non-essential clause.

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Secondary research basically means research based on secondary sources and I think it is too obvious to spell out that secondary sources include books, journals and articles.  In any event, secondary research is not books, journals and articles. They are sources for secondary research.


Thus I would shorten Lewis's proposed revision to It will be used during secondary research.  


(Whatever it is...)

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