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Which of these is better usage:

Amy was again in love.

Amy was in love again.

Amy was in love once again.

Amy was once again in love.

Once again, Ami was in love.

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This question is about style, not grammar. This decision is for the author. What sounds best to you in the context of the entire paragraph.

What is the setting?

Who is Amy?

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It is not just a matter of style.  As an adverb of time, again would normally go at the beginning or end of the sentence/clause.


1. Amy was in love again.

2. Again Amy was in love.

3. Again, Amy was in love.


Putting it at the very end sounds the most natural to me.  Using again at the beginning has two meanings, depending on whether you use a comma or not:


Sentence #2 without a comma has the same meaning as sentence #1 but it sounds very very formal, literary, even.  It should probably be avoided for those reasons.


In sentence #3, with the comma, again becomes a a sentence adverb, which means that the speaker is repeating a statement/fact, rather than that Amy was in love a second or third time. 

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