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Is there a dark L or a clear L in the word, really? That is the most difficult English word I pronounce. Or dark L changes to clear L?


When you pronounce it, the tip of your tongue touches the alveolar ridge in the /l/, or not?


And I hear dark l in the word, realize like milk. What do you think? 


Thank you so much as usual and have a good day.

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This isn’t a grammar question, but I’ll bite.  I have never taught speech, so I don’t know what a dark L or a clear L is.  The L sound is always the same.  I have been sitting here saying all sorts of words with the letter L and they all sound exactly the same to me.  Look, like, love, little, kettle, film, realize, milk, really, ball, whale.  There is no difference.


It is my understanding that people whose native tongue is an Asian language have great difficulty with the L sound.  You might be able to find some help by looking up speech pathology or speech therapy.  

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