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Is there a rule that explains why it is better to say "The lake is also ...." instead of "The lake also is ...."?

See example:

The lake also is wet.
asked Jan 11 '13 at 14:39 Cheri Friend Arnold New member

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Tolley has explained the placement of adverbs of place quite well; they usually go at the end of the sentence/clause. 


However, also is not an adverb of place; it is a focusing adverb.  The rules or guidelines for placement of also are quite different from those for adverbs of place.


Placement of also


Also usually goes before the verb, or between the auxiliary verb and the main verb:


We also visited Spain.

She is also studying French.

I've also been there.


If the verb is 'be', also goes after the verb:


He is also tall.

The students were also talking loudly.

The lake is also wet


Also can also go at the beginning of the sentence (or clause), and when it is placed there it makes the new information sound important:


I have a nice apartment, but it is quite small.  Also, it needs a lot of repairs.


The ambiguity of also


Especially when also is placed before a verb (or in between an auxiliary and a main verb), the meaning of the sentence, when considered out of context, can be ambiguous.


For example, We also visited Spain could mean (1) we visited England, Greece, and Spain, or (2) you visited Spain, and so did we.  The surrounding context in written English should make the meaning clear; in spoken English, native speakers tend to stress the important word to express the meaning clearly.  For meaning #1, 'Spain' would be stressed; for meaning #2, 'we' would be.


I hope this helps.








link answered Jan 11 '13 at 23:59 Shawn Mooney Expert

The answers provided by you and Tolley are more appreciated than I can say. I'm doing some grueling proofreading for my boss. Your explanation of the focusing adverb has greatly enhanced my understanding and made it easy for me to explain. Thank You!!!!!!

Cheri Friend ArnoldJan 14 '13 at 05:32

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