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I work for an org that is often referred to as its abbreviated name (DFER). In addition, we also have state offices that we refer to with state abbreviations in conjunction with our national abbreviation. So, my question is, to hyphenate or not to hyphenate? Let's say we have a DFER state in Wisconsin...would you refer to it as "DFER-WI" or "DFER WI" when writing?


I would greatly appreciate your help.




asked Jan 08 '13 at 00:20 Devin Boyle New member

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First, 'org' isn't a word. Spell the word out, 'organization'. As far as the acronym/abbreviation combination, since they are your designations, you can write them however you wish. I would check out some history to see how they had been written in the past. Consistency is the most important policy.

link comment answered Jan 08 '13 at 00:27 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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