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Is this sentence correct?

See example:

Often, the reality of this practice revealed that students were shuffled between classes and were not perceived as members of the class community, thus true inclusion was not achieved.
asked Jan 07 '13 at 15:23 Julie Frank New member

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No, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. The “reality” doesn’t take the action of revealing something, which is what your sentence is telling us – the reality often revealed.  I don’t know what “this practice” refers to, but I doubt that it revealed anything either. Either way, you give no indication how often the students were shuffled between classes, just that it was revealed often.


Instead, do you mean that the practice often resulted in students being shuffled?


Drop the reality out of this sentence.  I think you are trying to say in theory that one thing will happen, but in practice something else happens.  Since you are already calling the activity “this practice” we know that means when it actually happens, not just in theory. 


This practice often results in students being shuffled between classes.  As a result, they were not perceived to be members of the class community, and true inclusion was not achieved. 

link comment answered Jan 07 '13 at 19:36 Patty T Grammarly Fellow

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