What are the differences in use between 'sort', 'kind' and 'type' (nouns) ?


Also, between 'sort of' and 'kind of' is there any difference in use? (both are for informal use)

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In practice, these words are synonymous.  The trick is to learn the phrases where only one word is acceptable.


"What kind/sort/type of breakfast cereal do you like?" (any word will do).


"He's not my type." (idiom, can't be changed without changing meaning.)


Also, 'kind of' and 'sort of' are practically the same.

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  Sort of is used for character : what sort of person he is;  To show one's doubt: He might be sort of alive; or to show negative feeling: He is that sort of guy.


Type is used for distinguishing among widely different entities from a general category such as Car. There are several type of cars such as two doors, four doors, etc. What TYPE of transportation will include trucks, Bikes, planes etc. Type is used for Generally distinguishing between wider areas such as Animals (4 legged), Birds (flightless), House (movable) 


Kind is a sub category of type. One you know what Type of car someone drives such as two door, you ask what kind of two door car he/drives such as sedan, suzuki, camry etc. Similarly what KIND of seal is this mean there are already a big category of seals present, of that category we are furthur categorizing seals based on color, features etc.

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