I submited my uni assignment into your checker under general. When I checked for Plagiarism it scored me at 9%. When I submitted same document into Turnitin through the uni turnitin reported 35%. I have signed up to Grammarly purely for the plagiarism checker if its this far off the mark it could cost me my place let alone my grade. Can you explain why there is so much error?

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asked Jan 03 '13 at 03:00 Steve Armstrong New member

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Steve, you'll need to contact support for Grammarly's answer to that question.  This forum is a public discussion board about grammar.  The participants here are not Grammarly employees.  There is a link for support at the bottom of the page.


That said, I will venture a guess.  No software will have a complete library of documents and books to search.  The difference could be from one single article that Turnitin has, but Grammarly does not.  You should know what parts of your paper have been pulled from various sources, and should be able to tell from looking at both reports.  If your instructors are using Turnitin, it makes sense to use the same service.  I have to note that even if you have all the sources cited properly, 35% is quite a large percentage of a paper.  Your instructor will likely be looking for a bit more original thought and understanding of the topic. 

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This is a forum for discussing grammar and style. The folks here are not Grammarly employees. For questions regarding the Grammarly software service, you should go to the Grammarly Support link at the bottom of the page.


That said, the ins and outs of various plagarism checkers is discussed at length on a variety of Web resources. The basic differences come down to (a) the algorithm used, and (b) the database used.


Different algorithms use different "triggers" -- one system look for phrases five words or longer, another system might need the phrase to be eight words or longer. Assuming the databases are identical, this one factor can greatly change the resulting score.


The database used will also affect the score. Grammarly appears to search the public internet only. Turnitin uses the public internet, several limited-access academic databases (such as JSTOR), and its own database of previously submitted student papers. If Turnitin returned a score of 35 percent, you are -- in fact -- copying way too much of other peoples' work.

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