is this grammatically correct?


If left unchecked due to a failure to reach a consensus, 1st January would see yet another financial meltdown as US braves through the fiscal cliff.

grammar asked Jan 01 '13 at 09:03 duka New member

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Your construction, "If left unchecked..., January 1..." means that January 1 might be left unchecked, and you can't stop time. Also, you would 'go over', not 'brave through' a cliff. Ordinal dates in US English are written with 'the 1st (or first) of January' or 'January 1 (read as January first)'.


If congress fails to reach a consensus, the first of January would see yet another financial meltdown as the US goes over the fiscal cliff.


I hope this helps, and Happy New Year.

link comment answered Jan 01 '13 at 12:06 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

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