But on the sentence beginning


Is it correct to start sentence from "But" ?

But he never understood why it happens.

But asked Dec 19 '12 at 17:09 Anna L New member

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You may start a sentence with 'but', but you want to use it sparingly. The same applies to 'and'. It will often be used an interjection and be followed by a comma. In your example, 'happens' should be 'happened' to agree with the tense of 'understood'.


But he never understood why it happened.

But, he never understood why it happened.

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Because this is a site for teaching and learning proper English grammar, your answers should use proper English. 'I' is always capitalized, always. Your sentence is a comma splice, and it should either end in a period after 'me' or use a semicolon to make a compound sentence.

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It's OK for me, i think it's correct.

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....Thank you so much !

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